I spent the last few days with my a** in the air - A look at my garden + a yummy Raw Wrap Recipe!

Skrevet af Mette Themsen - Juni 18 2015


signe schmidt-jørgensen
Juli 22 2015

Hi Mette

Im telling you im looking forward to that lip balm, as my lips are so dry:-) When do you expect to release it?:-) Signe

Juni 18 2015

So good to hear that Lynette ;-) Yes, let me know what you think of the wraps.. <3

Lynette Havens
Juni 18 2015

Hi Mette, Your recipe sounds really good! Absolutely going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing :) I like the sample lip balm you sent me – adds just a hint of color, which I need, to my lips. :) Lynette

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